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    A Global Digital Graphic Design Studio

    Based in Kuala Lumpur, we provide businesses with creative and productive design solutions.




    About us

    Segnel Creative was founded in 2017 with the aim of becoming the world-class design studio in Southeast Asia.

    Our mission is "To Enrich the Entertainment by Design".


    Along with our mission, we have worked with gaming companies, F&B, pet food brands and professional sports teams by providing not only designer's resources, but also creative solutions.

    Due to business alliance with ENTACL GRAPHICXXX in Japan, we provide high quality design, productive creative process and build design teams for our clients from scratch.


    While we have produced many projects such as mobile games, e-commerce and apparels globally, our

    main operations are UI/UX for mobile and PC games, and creating illustrations from an offshore position.







    Our Clients

    We provide services for our customers with flexibility as well as graphic design and UI/UX design as projects.

    We also build design team for our clients based on their requirements from scratch.

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